TEMPORARY TATTOOS for Mastectomy Clients

Our MOST IMPORTANT MISSION is to help Post Mastectomy Clients feel Beautiful and Complete once again!

~ NippleBack Temporary Tattoos are available to wear just a few weeks out for your last surgery, or a few weeks after a nipple reconstruction, to provide you with a convincing reminder of what you can/will look like with your ‘NIPPLEBACK’?

Sold in 12 count, 50 count, 90 count and wholesale increments, these Temporary Nipple Tattoos are safe, simple and easy to apply.

~ We are thrilled to help give someone their ‘NippleBack’!

Each realistic item was produced from hand drawn images by A.R.T. Certified Tattoo Professionals.

Lovingly Designed in a variety of styles by A.R.T. Certified Tattoo Professionals, look for your favorite and take some home today!

Patent protected #62547381, filed by A.R.T. Founder Stacie-Rae Weir