The A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing represents teaching, techniques and tools designed to elevate the quality of post mastectomy specialty tattoos for clients and artists.

Stacie-Rae Weir founded A.R.T. after undergoing a preventative double mastectomy. As a strong, veteran female tattoo artist who has been tattooing professionally since the late 1990's, Stacie-Rae was disappointed by the options available to post mastectomy tattoo clients.



Within the last 10 years the A.R.T. family has grown to include more than 40 artists WORLD WIDE who are producing some of the most beautiful, realistic and convincing 3D nipple tattoos for deserving clients.



 Samantha Rae represents some of that growth as an A.R.T. Pro Artist, A.R.T. Representative and Distributor for our favorite professional tattoo items.

medARTpro has stepped up to the plate to deliver all of our favorite Areola Restorative Tattoo Products and Tools in the same place!

Survivor Clients and Mastectomy Clients all over the world are positively changing how they see themselves (in vision and thought) by applying our NippleBack Temporary Nipple Tattoos! Made with love, these items are easy to apply and offer an instant connection with one's healthy self. (Thank you Stacie-Rae!)

Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic, Medical and Micropigmentation Specialists are raving about the quality and beauty of our Pink Ribbon Series ink set, designed by Samantha Rae and Stacie-Rae.

Our newest addition is our very own SILICONE TATTOO MODEL product line!

We hope your enjoy our selection and variety,

~ "because our work is 'close to the heart', "