Temporary Tattoo Testimonials!! Thank you 'NippleBacks'

"I received (my NippleBack items) yesterday!
Thanks so much,  I cried when I put them on, haven't seen "normal " breasts in over 2 years! Thank you!" ~ RL, Michigan
"Thanks so much for the note and for the amazing (NippleBack) tattoos. 
I just used my first set tonight. 
Strangely emotional experience. 
I never had much negative emotion waking up from my mastectomy, but putting these on tonight was a surreal experience. 
Last time I had nipples I didn’t have scars.   
And it’s been several years since my surgery.   
It makes me realize what a process this has been. 
Thank you for providing a product that is so amazing.  It looks fantastic!! "
"While I certainly don’t feel defined by my breast and my lack of nipples, it’s pretty damn cool to be able to rock a set;). 
Thank you so much!! " ~ CG, Saskatchewan
"My Wife - can’t have surgery (because) stage 4 Metastatic Breast is Now Developed into Full Blown Bone Cancer. I ordered from you before. They make her happy to have the Complete Appearance. Thank You" ~ BH, Illinois