A.R.T. Diagram - Large and Small

  • $30

Large Size: 13.25 inches wide X 10.5 inches tall

Small Size: 11 inches wide X  8.5 inches tall

High Quality: card stock, glossy photo print

Designed by Stacie-Rae, this diagram sheet is intentionally exaggerated in colour and texture to help you discuss with your client what reminds her most to her natural nipples.

Help your Areola Restorative Tattoo client see artistic techniques to help achieve their desired results; and discuss colour to work with their skin tone. 

When you have this diagram sheet on the wall it will engage a discussion to determine what your client wants to see as their final A.R.T. result.

Realize colors, size, and artistic techniques ~ custom tailored to each client.  

This reference will help you achieve YOUR best results in a way that suits your CLIENTS own personal style.