A.R.T. Stencil & Transfer Pack

  • $5

A.R.T. is proud to announce the debut of the first all-in-one stencil pack!

Excellent For ARTISTS who travel, these packaged A.R.T. Stencil & Transfer Packs are perfect for clinical, hospital or studio sessions which involve Areola Restorative Tattooing.

Each Pack includes:

  • Small, Medium and Large stencil transfers of ONE style from our NippleBack design roster. **Check out the style variants to make your selections**
  • Single use skin prep (Alcohol Swabs)
  • Single use stencil transfer gel
  • Single use A&D ointment for lubricating the skin during the procedure
  • Photo identified style reference on package

    Help your clients choose their favorite inspired look!

    And ~ use the identified style reference on each package to train your A.R.T. to achieve depth and realism with shading, highlights and texture!  


    Each custom designed NippleBack style will soon be available & pre-orders are accepted with your style requests. ~ 'Debbie' is seen in product photo.

    2-4 weeks processing is required, please understand these items will be made-to-order, with love, just for YOU!

    Enjoy having everything you need to prep your clients skin and apply the correct size and style of stencil to fulfill their Areola Restorative Tattoo choices!
    All you need NOW is your quality machine, preferred sterile packaged needles, Pink Ribbon Series pigment set and your pigment caps!

    ** A.R.T. Stencil & Transfer Packs designed to assist in creating a higher level of realism for successful Areola Restorative Tattoo work.

    ** A.R.T. will not recommend colors on your behalf; you must match your clients skin tone as part of your tattoo process.

    ** These items are for trained, qualified and experienced professional tattooists only.