!NEW! Silicone SKINS

  • $160


A silicone practice SKIN to represent ‘post surgery damage’. 

PRE-ORDERS are currently being accepted for fulfillment & shipping by June 1st, 2019. 

Prepare yourself to successfully tattoo ‘imperfect conditions’ as you may encounter with your client’s Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction.

Passionately created by Samantha Rae and Stacie-Rae, MED/ART/PRO SKINS are patented and breaking ground!!

Each order comes with 1 x Solid base, 1 x SKIN & 2 x MINI nipple models in varying colors.

Every order is hand poured and pigmented, we enthusiastically support the Quality & Variety this system offers!!

These amazing silicone practice models are:

  • produced in a wide range of natural skin colors
  • equipped with a solid silicone base, including smooth areas to tattoo 3D illusion techniques
  • Portable and realistic with replacement SKINS which fit snuggly over your solid base
  • Helpful to safely experience common post surgery damage
  • GREAT for professional development
  • GREAT to display your skills

Use MED/ART/PRO SKINS to explore and master the ART of tattooing imperfect conditions such as:

  • stretch marks
  • keloid scars
  • hypertrophic scars
  • thin skin
  • nipple protrusion/reconstruction,..... and more!

See them in action with Stacie-Rae @areolarestorativetattoo www.areolarestorativetattoo.com