• $28

Smith and Nephew Opsite - Flexifix Tape (Transparent Film Roll) is a waterproof medical tape that can be worn up to 7 days.

Size: 4" x 11 yards = 10cm X 10m

This transparent adhesive film is designed to allow easy application to awkward areas of the body, placed over dressings and tubes.

Opsite Flexifix and has the look and feel of plastic tape and can be used on shallow pressure sores, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. It is waterproof and ideal for wound dressings.

Unique Flexifix Features:

  • clear view of your new tattoo
  • conformable to curvy areas of the body
  • permeable to air and moisture,
  • aids in prevention of bacterial contamination
  • reduces risk of secondary infections.

Although the special acrylic adhesive helps to minimize skin damage, some redness may be detected upon removal of the bandage. This surface response usually subsides within 18-24 hours.

Great for use on sensitive skin, Opsite Flexifix is extremely durable and edges will not roll over time.