Silicone MINI's - DUO SET

  • $50

Once tattooed, our Silicone MINI's are an excellent portfolio item! 

Or, provide them to your relative surgeons so they can show their clients your talent and finesse.

This DUO Set is shipped in 2 x different tonal ranges. (1-2, 3-4, 5-6 Fitz scale relative to our stock variations)

Designed by Samantha & Stacie-Rae, small batch pigment blends portray custom SKIN colors.

Your color choice is relative to the Fitzpatrick scale 1-6, please advise us in your shopping cart notes if you have tone preferences, we are happy to oblige.

  • Platinum Cure silicone models are the most safe to tattoo!
  • Navigate a very realistic 'nipple bump' which resembles common surgical results such as nipple preservation & nipple reconstruction procedures.
  • Also present, the 'lolly-pop' scar and adjacent subtle bulge of a healed incision.
  • Flip this model over to tattoo 3D illusion A.R.T. on the flat surface.

Available to collect in Single, DUO & TRIO quantities.

 Click this image to open our Silicone Material Safety Data Sheet: