- Spektra XION S - by Microbeau - 2019 PRE-SALE PACKAGE!!

  • $729

The Perfect Machine for our most technical work! ~ Is currently ACCEPTING PRE-SALE ORDERS ~  Shipping notifications will release on Jan 19th, 2019!!!


$729 USD - INCLUDES 1 XION S + 1 RCA adapter + 1 gift pack of barrier film and cohesive tape!

$959 CAD / custom invoicing available for shipping in Canada.

Contact Samantha directly if you would like to complete a purchase in Canadian Dollars: samantha@medartpro.com


FK Irons (traditional rotary) with Microbeau (FK Irons Cosmetic Division) have produced a softer/short stroke machine for the most delicate tattoo application of our time. 

Welcoming the Spektra XION S available for A.R.T. - ist’s NOW!

Made in US, this patented machine has full specifications available. 

XION S Machines require a RCA connect power cord (not included).

Click the Microbeau icon to download your XION S Manual

XION S Machines are also compatible with RCA adapter/receiver Power Supply Units (not included), have a look for our CRITICAL Power Supply units!